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Located in Southern California, American Precision Tool provides a wide variety of CNC machining and manufacturing solutions including CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Swiss Machining Services and precision grinding, tooling, fixturing and prototyping. As an AS9100D Certified machine shop, our quality systems meet/exceed the unique requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.

In addition to the aerospace industry, we support a wide variety of industries, including  and specialize in aerospace machining and softgel tooling for the pharmaceutical industry. No matter your industry, you can have confidence that we’ll treat your project with the same level of precision and quality that we provide to the aerospace industry.

We machine most metals and plastics, including titanium, exotic alloys, tool steel, and other difficult to machine metals. 


We machine both small runs and large production runs of parts.

  • CNC Machining Services

    We offer a wide range of machining services including precision 4 and 5-Axis machining. Our machining services include CNC turning, CNC milling and Precision Grinding. In addition, we offer light assembly, and parts finishing services. We specialize in aerospace machining as well as a wide variety of industries.

  • Swiss Machining Services

    Swiss Machining Services: We offer turnkey solutions using Swiss machining technology. Our manufacturing services include: Swiss Turning, Swiss Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe and Swiss Screw machines.

  • Tooling & Fixturing

    Our high quality toolmaking helps companies reduce waste, and lower production costs. We have deep expertise in softgel tooling for the pharmaceutical and paintball industries. Extensive experience in designing and machining softgel dies and wedges.

  • Precision Grinding

    American Precision Tool offers precision grinding services. Close tolerances, smooth finishes, and ideal for machined parts with precise diameters.

  • Prototyping Services

    In need of prototyping services? With our manufacturing experience, we'll help optimize your design for successful manufacturing. Also known as "Design for manufacturability" or DFM.

About Us

One thing we’re confident you’ll find when you work with American Precision Tool, is our unyielding commitment to providing fantastic service. We consider it an honor when someone chooses to work with us, and we work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience. For us it’s not just about providing quality machined parts. What’s most important here is building long-lasting relationships, and we’ll work hard to become your trusted machining services partner. 

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Pharmaceutical Industry Machining

Softgel Tooling

Looking for softgel tooling? We specialize in the design, engineering and manufacturing of tooling for soft gelatin encapsulating machines for the VitaminPharmaceutical and Paint Ball Industries. We’ve built a reputation for providing the highest quality, most accurate softgel tooling available not just in the USA, but worldwide. 

No industry demands the level of precision machining and quality control as does the aerospace industry. As an AS9100D Certified company, you can be assured that your softgel tooling needs will be met with the same quality standards and precision machining that we provide to the aerospace industry. 

Softgel Dies and Wedges

We can create softgel dies and wedges to your precise specifications.  depending on the desired shape and size. The dies contain recesses that meet your exacting tolerances. The softgel wedge is used  during the sealing process, and also machined to precise tolerances. Building quality softgel dies and wedges is a specialty at American Precision Tool. 

Tooling for Softgel Industry
Softgel tooling company

Aerospace & Defense Industry Machining

Aerospace machining company
Aerospace machine shops

Aerospace & Defense Machining

Providing aerospace and defense industry machining services requires a commitment to quality and precision unlike any other industry. We have deep industry experience in working with aerospace and defense companies, and our quality system meets/exceeds the unique requirements of the aerospace and defense industries. APT provides expert aerospace machining services to both civilian aerospace companies, as well as our US military, including the DOD, US Army, Navy, and the US Government. 

If you’re in search of top quality aerospace machining providers, APT is a reliable manufacturing partner for aerospace and defense industry leaders worldwide.

American Made Quality and Service - WORLDWIDE DELIVERY

All of American Precision Tool’s products and services are delivered from right here in the USA.

Located near Los Angeles in Pacoima, California, APT specializes in  machining precision parts for a wide variety of industries, including Pharmaceutical tooling and Aerospace and Defense (DOD) machining. From prototypes to production runs of machined parts, we are recognized worldwide as the machining partner of choice for companies who value quality, pricing and service. 

Precision Machining Services at Competitive Prices - NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL


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Why Choose Us

You've got options. Here's what sets us apart...

Industry Experience

Leading companies across a wide range of industries trust APT with all of their precision machining needs. We put this experience to work with each machining project.


Our diverse range of capabilities sets us apart. From our state of the art CNC machines, our experienced machinists and our quality process, we're equipped to deliver precision parts and service levels that are unmatched.


Customers look to us for a blend of competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional service. When it comes to overall value, we consider ourselves to be at the top of the list.

Our Team

We've assembled the finest group of machinists in Southern California. Our combined experience gives us the ability to tackle any challenge that we're faced with.


Integrity is the foundation for all of our relationships. In fact, building relationships is the driving force behind our business. We always do what's right by our customers, and ensure satisfaction with each order.

High Quality

Precision machined parts, within your tight tolerances. Our processes, tooling, CNC machines and talented machinists allow us to machine to extremely tight tolerances. Repeatable accuracy.

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What Our Customers Say

Why do companies continue to choose American Precision Tool Inc for their machining needs? It's our employees! From your very first communication with us, you'll see that we are all committed to your success.

We've trusted American Precision Tool with all of our precision machining work. As an aerospace company we have demanding tolerance and quality requirements, and APT consistently delivers the quality we need, and has a great on-time delivery record with us.
Thomas W.
Engineer At National Aerospace Company


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