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Located in Los Angeles, we provide machining services nationwide.

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Looking for an alternative to your local CNC machine shops? From our Pacoima, California location, we can ship precision machined parts wherever you need them. Reach out for a quote today!

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Why Choose Us

We recognize that you have no shortage of options when looking for machining services. Our 98% on-time delivery record is one reason. American-made quality and service is another. Here are a few other reasons companies choose American Precision Tool for all of their machining needs. :

Industry Experience

Leading companies across a wide range of industries trust APT with all of their precision machining needs. We put this experience to work with each machining project.


Our diverse range of capabilities sets us apart. From our state of the art CNC machines, our experienced machinists and our quality process, we're equipped to deliver precision parts and service levels that are unmatched.


Customers look to us for a blend of competitive pricing, on-time delivery and exceptional service. When it comes to overall value, we consider ourselves to be at the top of the list.

Our Team

We've assembled the finest group of machinists in Southern California. Our combined experience gives us the ability to tackle any challenge that we're faced with.


Integrity is the foundation for all of our relationships. In fact, building relationships is the driving force behind our business. We always do what's right by our customers, and ensure satisfaction with each order.

High Quality

Precision machined parts, within your tight tolerances. Our processes, tooling, CNC machines and talented machinists allow us to machine to extremely tight tolerances. Repeatable accuracy.

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