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Located in Southern California in Pacoima, California, American Precision Tool is a leading provider of CNC machining services in San Bernadino County.

San Bernadino County Machining services from prototype to production

High tolerance machining. We can meet tolerances up to + / – .0001. 

San Bernadino County  is the fifth largest county in California by population, and the largest county by size in the contiguous United States. Within the 20+ thousand miles that make up San Bernadino County area are a lot of great cities, including San Bernadino, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Chino Highland, Montclair and Needles. Within the borders of San Bernadino County is a diverse range of industries that depend on reliable local machining services for all of their precision parts and prototyping needs.  

American Precision Tool is proud to support many of these industries that call San Bernadino County home. Our broad industry experience includes aerospace and military machining, medical device machining, machining for the technology sector, pharmaceutical machining, machining for the transportation industry, as well as heavy equipment machining.   

Whether you’re in need of San Bernadino machining services, looking for quality Inland Empire machine shops, aerospace machining in Fontana, or looking for local CNC machine shops in Rancho Cucamonga, we’re here to help! Our state of the art machining technology paired with our machining experience and professionalism make us the local machine shop of choice for many businesses in San Bernadino County.

Specializing in Aerospace Machining, Machining for DOD & Softgel Tooling

At American Precision Tool, we can handle machining projects of all sizes. In addition, we can handle all of your secondary machining operations including parts finishing (painting, plating, powder coating, etc.). When you work with American Precision Tool, we manage your project from start to finish, with one single purchase order. Our goal is to become your trusted machining partner not just today, but in the future, and we do this by outworking, out-servicing the other local machine shops. It can often to be a challenge to find a top quality, reliable machine shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where we can help. 

Machining Services in the San Bernadino County area

A Few Areas Include:

Not located in Southern California? We ship our machined parts worldwide!

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Multi Axis Machining

One thing that sets American Precision Tool apart is the use of our advanced CNC machining technology. We’re able to provide machining services both for prototypes, or single machined parts, as well as high-volume machining services. We’re very flexible, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for pricing. We love a good challenge, and the combination of our talented machinists and state of the art CNC machines give us a competitive advantage over other machine shops in Southern California

CNC Milling

Milling capabilities: 60″ x 30″. We can create a wide range of parts with CNC milling. A few examples of parts that we machine using CNC milling include curved surfaces, propellers, fittings, brackets, ball joints, housings, jigs and fixtures and production components. Another advantage to working with us over other machine shops in the San Bernadino area, is our well-documented process. This ensures you can receive the exact same part today, tomorrow and into the future. Accuracy is so important when it comes to quality machining, and is something we take very seriously here at American Precision Tool. 

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CNC Turning

Turning capabilities up to 20″ round. Our machinists are rock stars when it comes to  CNC turning. Companies in search of the most accurate CNC turning requirements rely on us for quality, close tolerance parts. This includes machining projects ranging from rapid prototyping to high volume runs of machined parts. Again, the high level of repeatable accuracy we’re able to achieve with CNC turning is key to successful parts runs. Examples of parts that we’ll often use CNC turning services for include prototypes, bushings, fittings, and shafts. A few of our CNC turning operations include boring, drilling, threading, grooving, reaming, facing and knurling. 


Problem-solving is our specialty at American Precision Tool. One challenge we excel at is optimizing and refining part designs for successful manufacturing runs. From material selection, design considerations, to creating the prototype itself, we have years of experience helping companies cross the finish line to manufacturing success. Are you looking for prototyping services in San Bernadino, or Southern California? Put our product engineering and design expertise to work for you.

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For over 20 years, we have been a leading provider of local machining services in San Bernadino and all of Southern California, including the entire Inland Empire. While we do ship machined parts worldwide, Southern California is home to us, and we are proud to support our local business community with the highest quality machining services in San Bernadino. We are both AS9011D certified (what is AS9100D?) as well as HUBZone-certified (what is HUBZone certification?). Read more about American Precision Tool

What makes us great?

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If you were to speak with any of our customers, you’d hear one consistent message. The team at American Precision Tool provides the highest quality machining services in Southern California. How do we know that? They tell us. 

We’re not only looking to help you with your machining projects today, but into the future. Our service levels are based around gaining and keeping long-term relationships. 

Another advantage we offer is our versatility as a machine shop. Our services range from prototype to production. This includes both single machined parts as well as high volumes of machined parts. With a single purchase order we can handle your entire machining project, including secondary machining operations. 

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