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Located in Pacoima, California, American Precision Tool is a leading provider of CNC machining services in the San Francisco Bay Area

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CNC Milling Services

CNC Milling capabilities: 60″ x 30″. We can create a wide range of parts with CNC milling. One advantage to working with us over other machine shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, is our well-documented process. This ensures you can receive the exact same part today, tomorrow and into the future. Accuracy is so important when it comes to quality machining, and is something we take very seriously here at American Precision Tool.

CNC Turning San Francisco

cnc turning services

CNC Turning capabilities up to 20″ round. Our machinists are rock stars when it comes to CNC turning. Companies in search of the most accurate CNC turning requirements rely on us for quality, close tolerance parts. Examples of parts that we’ll often use CNC turning services for include prototypes, bushings, fittings, and shafts. A few of our CNC turning operations include boring, drilling, threading, grooving, reaming, facing and knurling.

Precision grinding services San Francisco

Precision Grinding Services

When the tightest tolerances and finest surface finishes are required we rely on our CNC grinding services. From single machined parts to high volume parts our talented machinists and our state of the art CNC machining technology give us the ability toproduce high quality finished parts that meet your tight tolerances.

Silicon Valley CNC Machining

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We are committed to quality, and we maintain our ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D certification. Aerospace machining requires rigorous quality standards, however, it doesn't matter if you're needing local aerospace machining, softgel tooling, or machining for another industry. When you work with American Precision Tool, you'll receive the highest quality standards in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and all of California.

Swiss Machining Services in San Francisco

Looking for Swiss machining services in Fan Francisco? Our Southern California based company specializes in precision Swiss machining services. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled machinists, we are able to provide exceptional quality and precision for your most demanding projects. Whether you need small precision parts for medical devices or large, complex parts for aerospace, we have the capabilities to deliver on time and on budget. Our Swiss machining services include CNC turning, milling, and drilling, as well as advanced techniques such as EDM and Grinding. Trust our experienced team to provide the highest level of precision and accuracy for your next project and take advantage of our San Francisco Swiss machining services on your next parts machining project.

San Francisco Swiss Machining

San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Originally established by the gold rush, now home to the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Union Square, Alcatraz and the technology hub for the USA. Behind the epic San Francisco landmarks is a broad range of industries that drive the local SF community. American Precision Tool supports many of these industries that call San Francisco and Silicon Valley home. Our broad industry experience includes aerospace and military machining, medical device machining, machining for the technology sector, pharmaceutical machining, machining for the transportation industry, as well as heavy equipment machining.   

San Francisco CNC Machine Shop

We welcome your visit to American Precision Tool. If you’re not from the Southern California area, but would like to meet us in person, click to view local Pacoima lodging options or local Los Angeles lodging options.

San Jose CNC Machine Shop


For over 20 years, we have been a leading provider of local machining services in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. While we do ship machined parts worldwide, the Los Angeles area is home to us, and we are proud to support our local business community with the highest quality machining services in Los Angeles. We are both AS9100D certified (what is AS9100D?) as well as HUBZone-certified (what is HUBZone certification?). Read more about American Precision Tool

What makes us great?

First and foremost, our service levels rise above the service you’ll receive from other Bay Area machine shops. How do we know that? Our customers tell us! Our number one commitment is to provide the best service levels in the machining industry. 

Additionally, customers appreciate our versatility as a machine shop. From prototype to production. Single machined parts to high volume machined parts. On top of that, we can handle all of your secondary machining processes ranging from annealing, to plating, painting, powder coating, heli coil installation to light assembly, we can handle all of your machining needs. 

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