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Located in nearby Pacoima, California, American Precision Tool is a leading provider of CNC machining services in the Santa Ana Area of SoCal

Machining services from prototype to production

Many important industries call Santa Ana home. At American Precision Tool, we’re proud to help out the local Santa Ana business community by providing machining services for defense/military, biomedical machining, biotechnology and pharmaceutical machining and aerospace machining services, to name a few. As an AS9100D certified machine shop, our quality management system meets the most rigid machining standards that is required by the aerospace, aviation, space and defense organizations. 

The great news for all of our customers, is they receive the same high-quality machining services regardless of their industry. 

Machine shop in Santa Ana

CNC Milling Services

Are you looking for CNC machine shops in Santa Ana? CNC milling services is a speciality at American Precision Tool. In addition to CNC milling we offer a wide range of machining services including 4 axis and 5 axis machining. Whether you're in need of aerospace machining, pharmaceutical machining, prototyping, one part or a thousand machined parts, we can handle it!

CNC Machining Santa Ana

cnc turning services

Our Santa Ana CNC turning services, can turn a block of raw material into an endless variety of precision machined parts. Using our CNC turning services, we can provide drilling, boring, facing, tapping and threading. With CNC milling we can machine parts ranging from simple to complex. Repeatability and accuracy are extremely high with our CNC turning services, and we can handle high volumes of machined parts with a single setup.

Santa Ana CNC Machine Shop

Precision Grinding Services

Precision grinding is often the final machining process for parts in need of extremely high tolerances or require extremely smooth finishes. Our high tolerance grinding services can provide you with close tolerances and superior surface finishes. In the Santa Ana area, we're a top provider of precision grinding services. We can handle a wide variety of precision grinding jobs in Santa Ana.

Santa Ana aerospace machining

Quality Santa Ana machining

We understand how important it is to deliver machined parts that meet your tight quality standards. As part of our commitment to quality, and our aerospace machining services we maintain our ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D certification. Whether you're needing local aerospace machining, defense industry machining, softgel tooling, or machining for any other industry, you can rest assured that American Precision Tool provides the highest machining quality services in the Santa Ana area, serving all of Southern California.

Specializing in Aerospace Machining, Machining for DOD & Softgel Tooling

At American Precision Tool, we can handle your machining project from start to finish. This includes product design assistance during the prototyping stage, to high-volume machining services to all of your parts finishing needs. A few of the secondary machining processes can can assist with include painting, plating, anodizing, annealing, light assembly, heli-coil installation and more. Our goal is to become your trusted machining partner, and you’ll see the difference when you work with us for the first time.  While we ship our parts worldwide, we actively support the local Santa Ana community by providing local machining services for:

CNC machine shop Santa Ana
Machine shop in Santa Ana


For over 20 years, we have been a leading provider of local machining services in Santa Ana and all of Southern California. While we do ship machined parts worldwide, Southern California is home to us, and we are proud to support our local business community with the highest quality machining services in Santa Ana. We are both AS9100D certified (what is AS9100D?) as well as HUBZone-certified (what is HUBZone certification?). Read more about American Precision Tool

What makes us great?

If you were to speak with any of our customers, you’d hear one consistent message. The team at American Precision Tool provides the highest quality service in the CNC machining industry. How do we know that? They tell us. 

We’re not only looking to help you with your machining projects today, but into the future. Our service levels are based around gaining and keeping long-term relationships. 

Another advantage we offer is our versatility as a machine shop servicing Santa Ana. Our services range from prototype to production. This includes both single machined parts as well as high volumes of machined parts. With a single purchase order we can handle your entire machining project, including secondary machining operations. 

Precision machining Santa Ana

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