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Providing Swiss Machining and Screw Machining services in Los Angeles and across the globe. 

At American Precision Tool, we’re continuously growing our capabilities to accommodate a wide range of parts machining needs. If you’re in need of efficient small parts manufacturing from a company who will deliver price, quality and the service you deserve, we’ve got your back. Using Davenport multi-spindle screw machines and Swiss machines we’re able to efficiently turn around high volumes of screw machined parts with precise tolerances. With both manual and CNC screw machines, we’ve got a versatile lineup of capabilities for your machined parts, including:


In addition to standard CNC machining services, we provide high volume parts production. Our screw machining services are ideal for high volumes of precision machined components that are smaller in diameter than can be turned using conventional CNC machines. Depending on your requirements, we utilize both Davenport screw machines and Swiss CNC machines to produce machined parts.

Why American Precision For Screw Machining and Swiss Machining?

We’ve been working with metal-cutting machines for years, so we can engineer your job to run more smoothly and efficiently than most other shops. Our experience and technology make us the screw machining partner of choice for companies in need of screw machined  or Swiss machined parts.

Screw machining services

One thing that sets American Precision apart is our comprehensive offering of machining services. From prototype to large production runs of machined parts, we can handle all of your project requirements from design, light assembly, to parts finishing. A few of the secondary operations include: painting, plating, precision grinding, powder coating, anodizing, annealing, heli coil installation, and more. One purchase order, one point of contact, we’ll handle it all

Need JIT delivery or logistics management for your high volume machined parts?

Ask us about options to ensure you have a predictable supply for your critical machined parts and components. 

What is Swiss Machining?

Swiss screw machines are automatic machines that use a sliding headstock and a guide bushing to perform repetitive, high-volume operations. A collet securely holds the workpiece in the headstock and rotates it with the spindle. The machine takes in a bar of steel and, using the three tools, trims its diameter while shaping the overall cross-section. The headstock then moves forward and backward to control the length of the bar.

The first Swiss screw machines of the 1960s were automated by rotating cams, leading to more advanced CNC versions available in the 1970s. 

Swiss screw machines are still popular today because they are extremely versatile, accurate and efficient.

Swiss Machining Services

Swiss machining – Tapping a brass shaft

What is Screw Machining?

 Screw machines are used to machine parts when extreme precision is required. They are found in many industries, including aerospace and automotive. Screw machines use lathes to shape hard materials into specially designed components.

Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

 With Davenport multi-spindle screw machines, we’ve got multiple spindles that simultaneously hold, rotate, and form several workpieces. The spindles are mounted on a rotating drum, which moves them back and forth as they reach different sets of cutting tools. The cutting tools are arranged so that, in one revolution of the drum, a finished part will be produced.

Davenport machine shop

Davenport 5 Spindle Screw Machine

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