American Precision Tool Inc: Supplier Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions 


QA1 : Raw Material or chemical suppliers must furnish Certificate of Analysis, here-in called COA, on all delivered materials.


QA2: Chemical blenders should document the inspection of all raw materials used in the product and should prepare COA to submit at the
delivery. COA of the raw materials used in the blended products should be Maintained and supplier assumes all financial responsibility for
replacement, rework, and material when customer contract requires that the supplier must submit COA of all raw materials prior to
production and if he begins the production without first getting the approval from customer. AS9102 f/a form when stipulated on P.O.


QA3: Any delay in shipment for any reason has to be conveyed to customer as soon as the delay is known by the supplier.


QA4: Any change to the contract requirements by the supplier must be approved by the customer in writing.


QA5: All information in the contract must be helg in confidence by the supplier and no third party request for information will be authorized unless
instructed in writing by customer or its representative. All documents to be retained for 7-year min unless extended retention is requested
by customer quality flow diagram.


QA6: In addition to our right of access, the supplier agrees to right of access for our customers, or regulatory agencies to all facilities and records
in the performance of this contract.


QA7: Manufacturer of certain raw materials must have a quality maintenance system in place in compliance to AS9003, AS9100, or
IS09001 :2008 if stipulated by customer via contract and if that was requested by our customer.


QA8: Subcontractors are required to notify customer prior to transferring any work to a new facility. Customer will determine prior to the transfer if
subcontractor may perform the work at a new facility.


QA9: Supplier must notify of any nonconforming product or raw material.


QA10: Supplier must get prior approval of any nonconforming material to be used in blended product or material to be delivered.


QA11: Requirements of the supplier must flow down to sub-tier suppliers of the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including
key characteristics to be met where required and must follow positive foreign object damage (FOD) control processes.


QA12: Requirements for the supplier to comply with executive order E13224. Supplier shall not engage in any transaction of any type with persons
or businesses or organizations who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism.


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All suppliers must comply with the basic Quality Clauses. Additional Quality clauses will be noted on the Purchase Order as applicable.


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