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American Precision Tool specializes in the design and Manufacturing of  Tooling for Soft Gelatin Encapsulating Machines for Pharmaceutical and Paint Ball Industries. Our professional team of qualified designers, engineers and manufacturing staff has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing tooling for Soft Capsule Machines. 

A Few of our solutions include:

Die Roll Tester

Medical pump (left) and shut off valve (right)

Special shaped die rolls

Softgel wedge manufacturing

Softgel die roll manufacturing

Featured Product: Tuff Plungers

Tuff Plungers

Our Tuff Plungers Outperform and Outlast the Others

Our Tuff Plungers have been FDA approved to meet the rigorous standards required by pharmaceutical and vitamin manufacturing companies. For softgel medicines, precision is extremely important. With our Tuff Plungers, vitamin manufacturers are able to control both a small and precise filling accuracy to fit their requirements. 

After rigorous testing at multiple pharmaceutical and vitamin manufacturing companies, our Tuff Plungers have been met with great results. Companies are running set for over 800 hours with no signs of wear. We invested heavily in both expense and R&D to get the right combination, and the end result is feedback that exceeded our expectations. 

Spreader Boxes

Our spreader boxes are made from brass or stainless steel. An adjustable gate provides the proper gap between the bottom of the gate and the drum to be able to control the thickness of the cast ribbon. Two dial indicators can be provided for accurate control of the ribbon thickness. 

Medicine Pump Cases

Medicine pump cases are made from Stainless Steel or Aluminum for improved corrosion resistance. High Precision Bevel Gears Provide low backlash. Internal lubrication system is provided by a small gear pump.

Medicine Pump and Shut Off Valves

Our medicine pump and shut off valves are made from hardened tool steel construction for lasting durability. Options are available for stainless steel construction with special heat treatment processing. This offers greater longevity than tool steel.

All of our parts are high precision lapped, which ensures your surface finishes will meet/exceed your demanding tolerance requirements. Flatness and parallelism of all parts fall within tolerance requirements of +/- .0001.

The pistons are made from tool steel (stainless steel available also), head treated and hard chrome plated. The cams made of tool steel and heat treated.

Drying Systems

Effective drying systems will help to speed up your production process without an increase in defect rates or product quality. We understand the process, goals, and objectives for softgel manufacturers and the impact that quality softgel drying systems have on the manufacturing process. Our softgel drying systems are regarded as the ultimate drying solutions for drying systems in the gelatin manufacturing industry. 

We Can Create Tooling For Both Standard And Custom Softgel Shapes and sizes

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