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Tempe CNC machine shop

Located in Pacoima, California, American Precision Tool is a leading provider of CNC machining services serving Tempe, Arizona

Tempe machining services from prototype to production

Machine shop in Tempe

CNC Milling Services

If you're looking for local machine shops that serve Tempe look no further. We offer a wide range of machining services including 4 axis and 5 axis machining. Whether you need a single machined part, or a large production run of machined parts, we can help.

CNC Machining Tempe

CNC Turning Services

Looking for CNC Turning Services in Tempe?- With our CNC turning services, we can take a block of raw material and turn it into the precision machined part you need. Drilling, boring, tapping and threading. We're capable of producing high volumes of machined parts with a single setup.

Tempe CNC Machine Shop

Precision Grinding Services

CNC Grinding Services in Tempe - We're a top provider of precision grinding services. From small orders to high volume parts our skilled workers and state of the art CNC technology can produce high quality finished parts that meet your tight tolerances.

Tempe aerospace machining

Quality Tempe Machining

As part of our commitment to quality, and our aerospace machining services we maintain our ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D certification. Whether you're needing local aerospace machining, softgel tooling, or machining for another industry, with American Precision Tool, you'll receive the highest quality precision machining in Tempe, Arizona.

Specializing in softgel tooling and aerospace machining services

Pacoima, California is home to our CNC machine shop. A few of the industries we support include aerospace & defense machining, bioscience, medical industry machining, pharmaceutical (softgel tooling), transportation, trade & logistics and more. We ship our parts worldwide.

We welcome your visit! If you’re not from the Southern California area, but would like to meet us in person, click to view local Pacoima lodging options or local Los Angeles lodging options.

Tempe CNC machine shops

High Volume Parts Production

Precision machining Tempe

Low Volume Parts Production

Precision Machined Parts Tempe

Precision Machined Parts

Machine shop in Tempe


For over 20 years, we have been a leading provider of local machining services in Tempe and throughout Arizona. The Los Angeles area is home to us, however, we ship our parts worldwide. This includes providing the highest quality machining services for businesses in Tempe, AZ. We are both AS9100D certified (what is AS9100D?) as well as HUBZone-certified (what is HUBZone certification?). Read more about American Precision Tool

What makes us great?

First and foremost, our service levels rise above the service you’ll receive from other Tempe machine shops. How do we know that? Our customers tell us! Our number one commitment is to provide the best service levels in the machining industry. 

Additionally, customers appreciate our versatility as a machine shop. From prototype to production. Single machined parts to high volume machined parts. On top of that, we can handle all of your secondary machining processes ranging from annealing, to plating, painting, powder coating, heli coil installation to light assembly, we can handle all of your machining needs. 

Tempe CNC Machine Shop

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