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Looking for aerospace machining services or machining services for the defense industry? Every sector of the defense industry and aerospace industry relies on precision CNC machining services to create machined parts that meet tight tolerance requirements. American Precision Tool is an AS9100D certified machine shop that specializes in high precision machining for the aerospace and defense industries at competitive pricing. 

Aerospace & Defense Machining Services

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In search of aerospace machining companies or machining services for the defense industry? If you’re seeking a quality, reliable CNC machine shop to help you with your aerospace machining or parts manufacturing for the defense industry we can help. Precision aerospace components and machining for the defense industry are American Precision Tool’s forte. With a track record of on-time deliveries and consistent repeatable accuracy, you can trust that your custom components will be manufactured to meet or exceed your specifications.

In order to manufacture precision components for the aerospace industry, we commit to tight tolerances, consistency and quality controls.

CNC Machining - A Perfect Match For Aerospace Machining

When it comes to machined parts for aerospace or the defense industry, there is no margin for error. Aerospace machining, or manufacturing parts for the defense industry involves human lives. To achieve such precision and tight tolerances, CNC machining is the ideal match. From our state of the art CNC machines, to our tooling, experience and quality processes, we’re equipped to handle the most challenging machining projects. 

Defense industry machining

Low to High Volume Machining

The Challenge

With over two decades of machining experience, we’ve heard consistent messages/concerns from companies in search of CNC machining services for aerospace and defense. When you work with American Precision Tool for your aerospace parts manufacturing needs, you can rest assured that you’ve got a partner in machining that you can rely on.

If you’re looking for aerospace or defense machining services here are a few common challenges:

Any of those Challenges sound familiar?

Here’s How American Precision Can Help

Not surprsingly, the aerospace and defense industries continue to see growth. One side effect of this growth is an increased demand for precision CNC machining services. Why CNC machining for aerospace parts or parts for the defense industry? The combination of speed and accuracy allows us to build precision aerospace machined parts including prototypes, production machined parts. We can also handle all of your secondary machining needs including plating, painting, annealing, anodizing and more. 

In short, CNC machining technology is the perfect match to deliver precise components and machined parts that the aerospace and defense industry needs. With dimensional tolerances up to +/- .0001 we’re able to deliver extreme levels of precision.

 If you utilize CNC machining services for precision aerospace machining, you already know how hard it is to find a machining partner you can trust. We are proud of our on-time delivery record at American Precision Tool, and our customers appreciate the consistent results they receive from our machining services. 

Repeatable Accuracy: Due to a combination of experience, management and quality control processes, we excel at delivering precise, machined aerospace components today, tomorrow and in the future. Need the same part machined next year to the exact, precise dimensional tolerances? No problem!


The Need

The defense and aerospace industry is more reliant on technology today than it has ever been. In addition to technological advancements, such factors as the rising cost of components, a growing focus on efficiency, and a need for high-quality products are impacting the demand for precision machined parts and components in aerospace. 

Because of this, the demand for quality CNC machining in the defense and aerospace industry is at an all time high.

AS9100D Certified Machine Shop

If you are part of the aerospace or defense industry, you already recognize the importance of precision machining. We are accredited by AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015, both of which are quality management systems that help to ensure our company’s commitment to excellence. AS9100D certification is important for us to work with aerospace companies. Why is AS9100D important if you are a company in the aerospace industry seeking machining services? You can rest assured that our quality system has been closely examined and approved to meet the rigorous standards that the aviation and defense industry requires. 

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